About Team Mosh

The Family Behind Team Mosh

Team Mosh is the family behind Evolution X Martial Arts, a martial arts school based out of Atlanta, GA teaching multiple methods and principles of martial arts. Although EVX has been going strong for over a decade, the Team Mosh family was born recently, when two metalheads joined forces to do life together, have a family, and of course, train together! Jen and Josh would like to contribute to the world by empowering and inspiring others with our creativity, strength, and family values. We want to offer our members and supporters with designs that they can wear proudly to represent EVX. We also want to offer designs for the martial arts community, as well as enthusiasts in kickboxing, strength training, and overall fitness. We hope that you check back with us often to see what’s new in our shop!

To learn more about EVX visit www.evolutionxma.com